Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exclusive IAmBigBrother Coupon

We are really excited to have teamed up with, a leading provider of online software to keep your family safe online to bring you an exclusive $5 discount on all IamBigBrother software purchases during 2010. This is the first time a coupon code has been issued for this acclaimed software!

Shop Now at and help protect your online for only $24.95.
IamBigBrother logs all websites visited on your computer, captures screen shots when certain keywords are typed, logs text typed, logs programs run, monitors email and messenger conversations.

"This is the first time an online coupon has been available from sofware4parents, We’ve never done this before, and are excited to try it." A spokesman for said.

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Exclusive IAmBigBrother Coupon

About Software4Parents:
Software4Parents is a leader in Internet safety since 1999. Their products have been featured on USA Today, NBC Nightly News and seen in The Wall Street Journal and Mens Health magazine.

New Dedicated Server Added

The database changes allowed us to serve even more of your bargain hunting requests, but load was still so great we added a dedicated server!

Keep up the bargain hunting.....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Improved site speed!

Due to our growing traffic, we have been experiencing some slowness on the site.
Occasionally during peak times the site would display a blank page.

We have implemented some cool new database connection code which should speed up the site.
We are also exploring a way cool new dedicated server to add to the site. :)

Thanks and enjoy your savings.....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exclusive coupon

Just in, another exclusive coupon: Coupon

Ziwi have thrown us a massive $10 of any $50 first purchase.....
So get on over to ziwi and soak up their summer savings! Coupon

Just in, a new 5% coupon!!!!

Enjoy the extra savings!

Feeling Guilty Again!

I just noticed how long it was between our last post and now!!

You better get saving with some of these: coupons (20% off!)

Some great saving to kick off a new year!

New Site Design

We spent a great part of the holiday season re-templating our site as per feedback we received over the last year.

You wanted white, so we went white.....
You wanted screen grabs, so we give you screen grabs of the stores.....
You wanted lists sorted alphabetically not by popularity, so you got it....
You wanted more stores, so we went hunting and now give you nearly 3,000 stores!

Check out the new :

Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas and thoughts!
Happy New Year from CouponMeUp