Friday, September 30, 2011

Viator coupons on the mind....

When ever I think of holidays, I always wonder what adventures Viator might have in store there!

Be it Rome tours, City Passes, Duck Tours, Seaplanes or Walking Tours, Viator have you covered.

And have you covered for the Viator Coupon to make sure you see it for less.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let the Savings Flow with a Coupon Code!

Let the Savings Flow with a Coupon Code!

Before you buy one of the insanely schmick faucets from, make sure you cruise over to to get the latest Coupon Code before you buy to save you a packet.

Don't forget that also stock a range of excellent looking sinks!

They also have a great range of bathroom lighting products so that you can illuminate your top faucet!

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Spice your life with a Vitalicious coupon

While the last Vitalicious coupon for free shipping expired a while ago, we currently have a good 5% off Vitalicious coupon so drop by before you shop to get the latest Vitalicious coupon and save!

Vitalicious have a range of low calorie foods like vitatops, vitamuffins, vitabrownies, and vitabuns.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Olive Nation Coupon for free shipping over $50.....

We have been asked to share the latest OliveNation coupon for free shipping on orders over $50.

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Better Than an Elite Fixtures Coupon Code

VARALUZ OCTOBERFEST 10% INSTANT SAVINGS! is offering a 10% instant savings on ALL Varaluz lighting products! There is no coupon required and the savings is applied at the checkout! This sale starts October 1 and will run for the entire month of October 2011!

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10 Minutes with Ron From!

Hello, How are you?

I'm doing great! Thanks for having me on. :)

Can you please tell me the benefits of pre-written content?

Pre-written content saves you the step of having to do the research, writing, and editing yourself. It's done-for-you, but it's still fully "yours" to edit, tweak, change, or mash together with your own words and ideas.

Not only does it save you time, but it also saves you cash since you won't have to find good quality writers who can cost $20-25 for a good article, plus you'll have to chase them down to ensure they get it done on time. Not fun!

Can you tailor the content to really suit my site and add localized messages?

Yes, absolutely! When you buy
private label content you have the unique license to change titles, customize the materials, and add localized messages if you'd like. We even have clients who publish print books, turn the materials into workshops, and paid products. The options are endless.

How do I get the most of our PLR content to convert it to sales for my website?

There are plenty of ways, here are just five simple strategies:

1. Post the content on your website or blog
2. Post the materials in your email autoresponders
3. Publish print books
4. Create webinars or teleseminars
5. Use the content as a pre-sell for an affiliate offer

We have a special report called
101 Ways to Use PLR that will give you plenty of ideas on how you can use private label rights content in your business.

Can I use the content on multiple sites?

Yes, of course. There are some simple terms and conditions that vary with the PLR provider, but generally speaking, when you purchase a license, you can use the content in as many ways as you please. Multiple sites, multiple mediums (online, offline, print, audio, video, etc.) are all permissible.

If you're looking for done-for-you content across some profitable niches, check out the
PLR Store and use the coupon code: COUPONMEUP to save 50% off until September 30, 2011.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Automotive Touch Up Coupon is a Lasting Favourite

Over at, the Automotive Touch Up Coupon is a Lasting Favourite.

It has consistently been a top performing coupon in the time it has been on the site.

So if you have stone chips, scratches or other wear and tear on your car, get over to and grab our Automotive Touch Up Coupon to save you a bundle on your next paint purchase.

Get a custom designed shirt with a coupon

BlueCotton provide printed or embroided shirts. From one to as many as you can handle....

Great for camping trips, companies, outings, cycle clubs, summer camps or just anyone who wants a custom shirt!

So get a custom designed shirt for less with a coupon from

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

PLR.ME Tells it How It Is!

This is a guest post by Ronnie Nijmeh from Ronnie offers premium done-for-you content that you can brand and publish as your own.

Have you ever thought about how the internet works?

No, I'm not talking about the technical details, the servers, wires, and wireless waves. I'm talking about how people search and discover new things.

It's actually simpler than you think!

Here's the quick summary:

When you have a problem you go to Google, you type in your problem, and you search for a solution. And 99% of the time that solution is information.

So let's say you have the back pain... you're suffering and you're tired of popping pain killers. So you might go to Google and search for: "natural remedies to lower back pain."

You may start out reading some articles, then opt into a list to get a free report about the "one secret to natural back pain relief," then that free report may recommend a back exercise DVD or some nutritional supplements, or a back stretching paid ebook.

You get the idea.

So the initial problem (back pain), turned into information gathering (reading articles), which led to an exchange of information (giving their name and email in exchange for a freebie), which ended with a solution (buying a product).

The same applies for physical products, but instead of the searching for an ebook, people are looking for product reviews and recommendations. And in exchange for giving great buying advice, your buyers will buy through your link and you get a commission.

That's how e-commerce works in a nutshell.

But there's one thing that is absolutely necessary for this whole process to work effortlessly... and that is quality content.

Whether it's writing articles, creating valuable freebies to encourage opt-ins, or creating products to sell, you need quality content that solves a problem.

Now you can create all this great content yourself, you can outsource it, or you can go the done-for-you route.

Doing it yourself is great, except it's time-consuming and can cost you a ton of energy as you focus on writing, instead of marketing.

Outsourcing is another good option, except you have to find good people who can write well, pay them well if you want to keep them around for any length of time, and you'll still likely edit their work to make it your own anyhow.

The done-for-you route is most affordable, quickest, and is fully customizable since you can edit, tweak, and publish the content as your own. Done-for-you content is also known as private label rights, which means you are the licensee of the materials so you can brand the content as your own.

Check out this video for a quick description of how this works:

If you're looking for done-for-you content across some profitable niches, check out the PLR Store and use the coupon code: COUPONMEUP to save 50% off until September 30, 2011.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jazz Your Art with a Scrappin Doodles Coupon

Jazz Your Art with a Scrappin Doodles Coupon

Scrappin Doodles has family friendly graphics and printable crafts for scrapbookers, crafters and teachers!

They have a stack of reasonably priced scrapbook items that will bring your memories to life.

So if your into scrapbooking then make sure you jump on and grab the latest Scrappin Doodles Coupon to save yourself a packet when you next shop on their site.

Spice up your website with a coupon

Private Label Rights ( provides a range of content and articles that you can us on your website to spice up your site and get readers engaged with targeted information. The relabel articles for your website are provided on a subscription basis.

Get the latest coupon from and save on your content from

Coupon Code 30OFF - click to redeem for 30% off the back catalog

So, be sure to get a coupon from your favorite coupon website, and save on content next time you decide to spice up your website.

Hit it out of the World with a Coupon

Hitting world have all your baseball needs on one site!

They have tips, drills and more as well.

So they can sell you the gear to hit it with and they can tell you how to hit with it!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Dino Direct Deal of the Day

Today you can get the Google Android 2.2 7 inch HD Tablet PC for a totally INSANE, off the rails, 105.37 USD which is 59% off!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sparkle you car with an AutomotiveTouchUp Coupon

Automotive Touch Up have an INSANE 100,000 factory colors that they can match.

so if your car needs a touch up, then automotive touch up are the people to see. make sure you drop by for the latest AutomotiveTouchUp Coupon before you shop to save a packet as well as your duco!

they can deliver their products in a number of different ways to help you apply the paint in the easiest way for you. Their easy search function on their site allows you to quickly find your car and color!

Mystical MJM Magic Coupon Codes

MJM Magic have a masterful collection of magic tricks, how to DVDs and books as well as much much more.

So if your looking to put a little magic into your life, you should definately check out MJM Magic, but before you do get the latest MJM Magic Coupon Codes from to magically reduce the prices in your shopping cart!

MJM Magic Coupons can magically appear at any time so check CouponMeUp regularly to see when the spell is at the most powerful!

Delightful DressesShop Coupon Codes

DressesShop Coupon Codes will delight your senses as you peruse their site for some of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen, knowing you have a discount in your hand!

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Amaze Yourself with the Latest DinoDirect Coupon

For the latest dinodirect coupon, make sure you drop by and it will help you save on what ever it is that you want to buy from dinodirect.

They have so much amazing stuff it's hard to tell what to buy, I just bought some of the R16 LED lights to try and save on my power bill and be a little green.

So get your amazing DinoDirect Coupon from CouponMeUp!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Buddha Nose.... and coupons...

Buddha Nose is an award-winning, yoga inspired brand of USDA certified organic mind-body-beauty products. The line includes 5 body moisturizing balms, 2 aromatic spray mists, 3 bath salts, a lip balm and an exfoliating soapy cleanser.

Their concept is mind-body-beauty - meaning that they believe that our state of mind affects our beauty and our health, and they convey our message through the uniquely blended combination of organic and wild-crafted essential oils in our products. Each product has its own distinct mind-body-beauty intention - enriching the simple experience of moisturizing our skin, or soaking in the bath with added value and resonance.

Yogis tend to love their brand and Buddha Nose has, as a result, has collected a kind of trend-setting following that is both well known and well respected in the yoga community.

3 of our 12 products carry the USDA organic seal - demonstrating our strong commitment to organic ingredients and standards. The remaining products contain only certified organic ingredients along with wild-crafted essential oils - none of our products contain any synthetics or petro-chemicals or toxins. Our products are not tested on animals and embrace sustainable practices.

Make sure you drop by for the latest Buddha Nose Coupons before you shop!